Fido.Net Status Updates

VM Node Outage

08:45 We are currently experiencing an outage with one of our VM nodes in London. This is currently being investigated, however this has caused some issues with customers accessing the Glide email platform, some Fidotalk services amongst others. We are continuing to investigate and will update shortly. Update: 10:15 We have identified a potential bug…

Glide Server Maintenance

We will be rebooting the mailstore elements of the Glide service this evening between 22:00 and 22:30 in order to apply a security patch. The outage should be less than 5 minutes per node, during which time access to mailboxes may slow down and webmail may become unresponsive briefly for some users.

Major Outage in London-1 (Telehouse West)

At approximately 01:45 this morning we experienced a major failure in our Telehouse West location. Engineers were dispatched to site and worked to bring power back to the impacted servers, replacing failed components as they went. All physical hardware was restored by approximately 09:30 am however we were then left with huge database and disk…